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Casino Payment: Paysafecard

Paysafecard is a payment method designed for use in the world of online entertainment and is widely accepted by casino website operators. It allows you to exchange your cash for a paysafecard at a local sales outlet. With over 450,000 sales outlets offering this service worldwide it is very likely that there is one near you! You will receive a 16-digit pin which you can use to pay for goods or services online. This is a quick and safe way to pay for your online casino deposit. You do not need to give any personal information or hand over your credit card or bank account details and so offers a very simple and anonymous way to pay for your online casino deposits. The paysafecards come in specific amounts so you may have to combine a few for larger deposits. If you do not use your card within a certain period, at the moment 12 months, then you will be charged a monthly service charge which will be deducted from your remaining balance.


There is no registration process to use this payment method. You can check online where your nearest sales outlet is and simply go there and exchange your cash for a paysafecard with a 16-digit pin. You will get this either in the form of a card or a printout from a machine. This makes the payment method very simple but also carries certain risks – you are effectively dealing with cash, so keep your card safe because if you lose it then it is also simple for someone else to use it.


When you select paysafecard from the list of deposit options you will be asked to enter and amount you wish to deposit. Your paysafecard will have been issued in your local currency so if this is different to that used by the online casino then it will be converted using a retail exchange rate. Simply enter the 16-digit number and the funds should be transferred to your account immediately. However, because paysafecards can be purchased over-the-counter with no proof of age, some casinos may ask you to send proof that you are of a legal age to gamble before accepting your first deposit.


Paysafecard is a deposit only method. It is not possible to withdraw this way. You will be offered alternative methods of withdrawing your money, such as bank transfer or bank draft.

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