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Delve in to the best casino sites or the best uk casino sites for classic online casino entertainment. If you're after some realistic casino experience from any location you can read about the best live casino sites for the excitement of real time live dealer casino action.

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We decided to create as a result of our own unsatisfactory experiences of trying to find good and impartial advice about online casino sites and live casino sites. While there are many websites purporting to offer advice on the subject, most seem to be full of hubris and exaggeration and it’s difficult to discern the good from the bad. With this in mind our aim was to offer an honest and thorough review of the online casino gaming industry, providing all the information necessary to make an informed choice about which online casino to join. We wanted to be comprehensive so we chose to approach the subject right from the beginning - we researched the history of the industry, the games and their history, the software companies that create the games, and the banking systems that support the casinos. We then played in and reviewed many of the better-known casino sites – their games, their functionality, their attitude to customer service, and their focus on fairness and security. This website is the outcome of that work. We may have found it difficult to obtain good and accurate information on online casinos but hopefully you’ll now be able to benefit from our research and experience.

We want your choice to be informed and knowledgeable so, in keeping with our desire to be as honest and impartial as possible, we should say that we have made every effort to provide correct and up-to-date information at all times but, as always when dealing with a constantly changing industry, there may be some errors. This is especially the case with aspects of the online casino industry, such as bonuses offered, which are prone to frequent change. Lastly, we do have affiliations with the casino sites featured here, but please be reassured that this does not compromise the impartiality of the information given – all major online casinos have affiliation programs so our decision to feature them is based solely on the quality of the casino itself.

How did we calculate the casino rankings: The differences between casino sites can sometimes be difficult to quantify and may be prone to a certain level of subjectivity. For this reason we chose to examine each onine casino in quite a few different categories, fifteen in total, so as to maximise the potential for differences to be highlighted (these categories are stated in the full review of each casino). On the basis of our evaluation of each casino site under these category headings we have ranked the casinos in order of merit. This was based on the quality of the casino in each category but with certain crucial categories, such as customer services, given more weight. When dealing with subjective evaluation criteria it is, of course, always possible that a certain amount of bias might creep in. We have endeavoured to minimise this with our approach but we do accept that different people might have different opinions. And if you do, then maybe we’ve succeeded in our aim of providing enough information for you to be able to make knowledgeable and informed decision about the online casino site that is right for you!

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Always remember that online casino sites should be used as a form of entertainment; that playing the games you like should be an enjoyable experience. We strongly suggest that you should therefore only spend money that you can afford to lose. If you feel that you are developing a gambling problem or if you, or those around you, notice any changes in your behaviour you should consider cutting back or stopping. Such changes can include becoming irritable or unsociable when gambling or asked about it, chasing your losses, concealing your involvement in gambling, or maybe finding that it is becoming a bit of an obsession. If you find that it is becoming a problem and are having difficulty cutting back or stopping, then you might need to consider seeking outside help. Further information is available from the following websites:

Risk Disclaimer: Please remember that gambling should be engaged in for the purpose of entertainment only. Problem gambling can have serious adverse effects socially and financially. supports responsible gambling. In the UK it is illegal to gamble if you are under the age of 18!