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Casino Payment: Bank Transfer (aka Bank Wire or Wire Transfer)

If you prefer not to use your credit or debit card online, or if you do not have access to either, then transferring money by bank transfer (also known as a bank wire or wire transfer) is an easy and secure way to deposit money in your online casino account. It is usually possible to do this from your online banking account. Alternatively you can do this in person in your local bank, although doing it this way will mean that it will take a bit longer for the money to be deposited in your casino account. This payment method is a very safe way to transfer money, although it may attract transaction charges from your bank.


To use this payment method you will need the bank account details of the recipient institution. These should be given to you when you select this payment method. You will need the name of the company, their bank’s name and address, the account number, sort code, IBAN number, and Bank Swift/BIC code. You will also need these details for your own bank when making a withdrawal.


Once you have all the necessary bank details on hand it is quite easy to actually make your deposit. You simply click on the bank transfer option and enter the amount you wish to deposit. You will be requested to fill in a form with all the relevant details and submit it to your bank. You may be given a unique transaction number or you may have to submit some of your casino account details as a reference. Once the casino site receives the funds your account will be credited immediately. This process will take a number of days, usually 3-10 working days. Doing it from your online banking account will rarely attract a charge if the recipient institution is in the same county. Doing it in person at your local bank will attract a transaction charge which will vary depending on the speed you wish the transaction to be processed, usually between about £15 and £25, so it is generally better to lodge relatively large amounts to avoid incurring this charge too often. The minimum deposit amount using this method is usually slightly higher than for using a debit or credit card anyway, often around £25.


Most casino sites will allow you withdraw money by bank transfer. You will have to go to the cashier or the withdrawal section of your casino account. If you haven’t already you will be required to provide the details of your bank account. These will include your bank’s name and address, Bank Swift/BIC code, IBAN number, your account number and sort code. It will take the casino a number of days to process your withdrawal request, usually 3-5. After this it will also take a number of days for your bank to clear the transaction. This withdrawal method rarely attracts a transaction charge, but the minimum withdrawal amount may be slightly higher to cover the costs for the casino associated with this method, usually around £25.

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