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Casino Payment: Credit Cards

Given their ubiquity it is not surprising that credit cards are one of the most frequent methods used to deposit money. However, as this is money that you effectively borrowing to play with, it is important to keep careful account of the amount you are spending. Most casino sites will accept major credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard, and some websites may also accept American Express or Diners Club cards. You can usually both deposit and withdraw money from your account using credit cards, although this may depend on where the card was issued.


As with any other financial transaction you perform online you will be required to give your full name and address, card number, expiry date and CVV/CVV2 number (the CVV number is the last three digits on the signature strip on the back of the card, or four digits printed above the card number on American Express cards). The site should use encrypted transmission to ensure that you personal details are kept safe and secure.


You will usually have to make an initial deposit upon registering with the casino site. There will be a minimum amount you can deposit, usually quite low, around £5 or £10. The maximum amount you can deposit you can deposit is usually quite considerable, possibly up to £250,000. There are rarely any transaction charges attached to using a credit card, and your deposit should be instantaneous dependent upon authorisation from your bank. After the initial deposit you make upon registering it is easy to top-up your account balance by going to the account or cashier section of the site. You may be required to give some additional security information each time you make a deposit to ensure the security of your account.


Most casino sites will allow you to withdraw money from your casino account back onto your credit card, although this may depend on the country in which your card was issued. This is usually accomplished by going to the cashier or account section of the site. There are rarely any transaction charges attached to doing this and it will usually take 3-5 for the casino to process the transaction. It will then take another few days for your bank to clear the transaction. If you cannot withdraw using your credit card you will be offered alternative methods, such as bank draft or bank transfer.

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