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Casino Payment: In-Store Cash Voucher

Some online casinos have a corresponding land-based business and offer the facility of being able to pay cash, or use a debit card, in their physical outlets for vouchers that can be used online. If you do not wish to use your credit or debit cards online, or transfer money from your bank account, then this provides an easy and secure way to deposit money into your account. You can generally withdraw money from your online account in this way too, converting your balance into a voucher which can be exchanged for cash in-store. Not all casino sites are able to offer this payment method obviously, but if it is your preference to deal in cash and the casino has an outlet near you, then this might be an option worth considering as there are no transaction charges since you are dealing with the casino business directly.


You will be required to visit the casino’s real-world outlet in order to exchange cash for the voucher. A debit card will usually be accepted as well. You will be able to do this in total confidence, with the voucher issued instantly for the amount you desire. There will usually be a minimum amount, probably about £5, and a maximum that will run into the thousands of pounds. The voucher should have a unique code which you will then be able to enter online. Be careful though, as this voucher is considered the equivalent of cash by the casino – if you lose it you will probably not be refunded.


Since you have already actually given the casino the money for your deposit the subsequent process is very easy. You will be prompted for the voucher code and its value and upon entering these details the amount should be credited to your account immediately.


Most casino websites will only allow you withdraw using this method providing this was also the method you used to deposit. Assuming this is the case, the withdrawal process is very simple. If you select this option you should be able to print off a voucher with a unique code which can then be exchanged for cash in one of the casino’s physical outlets. However, you might be limited in terms of the amount of cash you can obtain at any one time because they might not have the required amount on their premises.

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