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Casino Payment: Paybymobile

This is a relatively new way to conduct financial transactions but is fast becoming popular, allowing you to open an online account and transfer money from it by text message from your mobile phone. You can use it to pay for goods or services from merchants who use the system, and also transfer money to another person, all with one easy text message. For the purpose of funding your online casino account it is effectively an e-wallet payment solution, allowing you the convenience and security of paying online from a pre-funded account, without having to divulge any financial information to the online merchant. As it is a relatively new payment method it is not yet available in all casino sites but this will probably begin to change as its popularity increases. You can add funds to your Paybymobile account online via your online banking account, at many retail outlets and also at some ATMs.


You will need to open an account with Paybymobile in order to use this payment method. You are not charged to deposit or pay money out of your account but you will be charged for the text message you have to send to use the service or if you need to call them. To register you need to give your mobile phone number and email address and create a password for your account; no other personal or financial details are required. Once your account is set up you will then need to deposit funds in it to use the service.


After selecting Paybymobile as your deposit method you will be asked for the amount you wish to deposit. You will then be given a unique code which references the amount you wish to deposit and the casino operator. Simply text this code to Paybymobile and, provided you have sufficient funds in your account, the deposit should be instant.


To withdraw to your Paybymobile account you simply need to select this option in the cashier or account section of the casino site. You will be asked for the amount you wish to withdraw, and the mobile number associated with your Paybymobile account. The operator may take some time to process your request to withdraw funds, usually 1-3 days. Once processed the funds should be transferred to you within a few hours. You can then use the cash-out option on your Paybymobile account to access your cash. This involves sending a barcode to your phone which you can take to a participating retail outlet where it will be scanned and you can be given your cash. Alternatively, if you have associated your bank account with your Paybymobile account, the funds can be transferred there.

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