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Casino Payment: Paypal

Paypal is the trusted market leader in secure online payments. Known and widely used throughout the world it offers a safe and convenient way to conduct your business online. Your financial information is never shared with the merchant and it is accepted by a large majority of businesses online. Although for a while, due to American legal issues, it wasn’t possible to use it for online gambling sites it is now becoming widely available again and is regaining its popularity as a leading deposit method in casino sites. Using paypal you can either pay using your credit or debit card, or directly from your Paypal account. There are generally no fees for making a payment using Paypal as the fees are incurred by the receiver of the money. However, if it is necessary to convert the money into a foreign currency then this will be done at a retail exchange rate. You are also charged to make deposits into your account if you choose to do this by credit or debit card, whereas transferring money from your bank account is free.


You will need to create an account with Paypal to use this payment method. For this you need to provide your personal details, including your name and address and telephone number, and your credit card details. You can then either deposit money in your account by bank transfer or else use the credit card you signed up with as your default payment method to use in your online transactions. You can also withdraw from your Paypal account by transferring money into your bank account.


Simply select Paypal as your deposit method and you will usually be asked just for the amount you wish to deposit. After entering this you will then be redirected to the Paypal site, possibly in a new window, where you will have to log-in to your account to proceed with the payment. You can either pay directly from your account if you have sufficient funds in it, or you can select a payment method to use for the transaction. The money will usually be transferred into your casino account virtually instantly.


Many casinos insist that you withdraw money the same way that you deposited it so if you have deposited money via Paypal then you may also have to withdraw this way. This is an easy and secure way to withdraw your money but Paypal does charge you to receive money into your account. Their fees are clearly listed on the ‘fees’ link on their homepage, varying between about 1.4 to 3.4% of the value of the transaction. You will need to select this withdrawal method on the account or cashier section of the casino site and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. You should make sure that the address registered is the same one you use for Paypal. The casino site itself may take some time to process your withdrawal, usually 1-3 days, but the actual transfer to your paypal account should then be completed on the same day. From there you can transfer the money to your own bank account.

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